Internship Information for Students

What is an internship?

Internships offer you the opportunity to gain experience and insight into a position or industry of your particular interest. Employers become your sponsors and place you in meaningful positions that allow you to put theory into practice. Internships enhance your academic experience by allowing you to apply the skills and knowledge you have acquired through your education. By temporarily becoming part of an organization you will be exposed to the world of work and can learn more about your particular strengths, likes and dislikes. For employers, internships are an opportunity to complete valuable projects and have a continuous pool of bright, creative, enthusiastic CSUSM interns to become potential employees. Internships come in many forms. They can be anywhere from one week to a year, or more in length. They can require as few as six hours a week to as many as forty plus hours a week. Some are paid and others are non-paid. Some offer academic credit, while others don't.

Internships are a great way to get hands on experience and strengthen your resume. Internship announcements are listed through CougarJOBS.

We also recommend you check with your academic department and the Community Service Learning Center for additional internship opportunities.