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Background Check Failure

Some students may have something in their record that will be flagged by a background check. Examples include driving under the influence (DUI) convictions or minor drug offenses. All convictions other than minor traffic violations will yield a background check failure unless the conviction has been expunged from the record. No exceptions can be made. In addition, we cannot guarantee that passing a background check for another course or center means you will pass for CHAD 496. 

If you have questions about something in your background, please contact Community Care Licensing directly or 1-888-422-5669 to speak with a representative.  For more information on offenses that may require that the student clear his/her record, see the information on criminal record exemptions on the website. To check your record in advance, see this website. The CCF Director and the CHAD Program Director will not be able to help you with this process – it is a Community Care Licensing Decision.

In order to take the CHAD 496 Observation and Assessment Lab course at the Center for Children and Families, students must clear the background check. If they fail to do so, they must contact Dr. Sara Bufferd, CHAD Program Director, to discuss declaring another major.