EAP Exemption Designations:


After taking the EAP test and essay, students will receive an exempt designation if they have demonstrated that they meet the CSU standards for placement into baccalaureate-level entry courses in English and math. Students who receive this designation are exempt from the requirement to take CSU’s placement test(s) if they apply and are admitted to CSU.

Conditionally Exempt (mathematics only):

If a student with a Conditionally Exempt designation were to enroll at a CSU campus immediately after completing the EAP in mathematics, the student would be prepared for a basic, freshman-level mathematics course. However, proficiency in mathematics decreases quickly when those skills and knowledge are not used.
Students receiving a Conditionally Exempt designation will be encouraged to keep their proficiency in mathematics at the college level by participating in an approved senior-year experience (for example, receiving a "C" or better in a year-long mathematics class that has Algebra II as a prerequisite, or completing an on-line math tutorial, such as ALEKS).  Students who successfully complete an approved senior-year experience are exempt from the requirement to take CSU’s mathematics placement test if they apply and are admitted to CSU and will be eligible to enroll in basic, non-remedial freshman-level mathematics courses.


A student with a Non-Exempt designation took the EAP test in English or mathematics and did not demonstrate the level of knowledge and skills required to enroll in an English or math college-level course. As a result, Non-Exempt students will be encouraged to focus on improving their English or mathematics skills during their senior year of high school by participation in approved senior-year experiences or courses designed to strengthen English and mathematics skills. These students will be required to take CSU’s placement tests upon admission to CSU.


A student with an Incomplete designation did not complete enough of the multiple-choice items on either test to receive a score. As a result, these students should take the English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam if they have been admitted to a CSU campus.