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Alumni Success Stories

Please share your success story so that we can add it here.

According to one source on the Internet, the average salary for a San Diego Software Engineer is $90,635.  Some of our students receive more than 100,000 as a starting salary.

Name Degree Year Story
JV BS 2017 CalAmp, Firmware Engineer.
JM BS 2017 Automated production testing, Pico Digital, SD.
BC BS 2017  SOC Security Analyst at Proficio in Carlsbad
MK MS 2017 Developer at Netflix, CA.
CD MS 2017 PhD student at UC Riverside, AI.
JF BS 2017

Systems administrator, City of Carlsbad

MM BS 2017

IT Associate at SDGE

OA BS 2017

Software Engineer at BAE Systems and Masters Program at SDSU

AP BS 2017

Embedded Systems Software Engineer, Northrop

JM BS 2016

Software Engineer, Intuit.

AM BS 2016

Software Engineer at BAE Systems

ZM BS 2016

Software Development Engineer, Amazon (Seattle)

JB BS 2016

Embedded Systems Software Engineer, Northrop

ADVP BS 2016

Everyone Counts (La Jolla)

RA BS 2015

Global Micro Solutions, Torrance

AV BS 2015

Computer Scientist for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, Expeditionary Systems Evaluation Division.

AP MS 2015 Software Test Engineer at Teradata Aster
JH BS 2015 Productive Computing.
CL MS 2015 Director of Software Development, Hunter
CG BS 2015 Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment
LW BS 2015 Member of Technical Staff in Secure Network Systems at ViaSat Inc.
MW BS 2015 Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman (double major with Math)
SK BS 2014 Software Engineer, CISCO
JV MS 2014 Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, ServiceNow, Inc. San Diego.
BK BS 2010 Software enginner, Neustar, San Diego
GC MS 2008 Cybersecurity Engineer, Qualcomm
PR BS 2013 Software Engineer, Affirm San Francisco
CJ MS 2010 Software Engineer, Sony Network Entertainment International
AH BS 2012 Quality Engineer, Northrop Grumman.
JB BS 2010 Technical Deployment Specialist, Talent Wise, Inc.
RD BS 2012 Senior Systems Engineer, Junk Technoligies, San Diego.
BS BS 2013 Software Engineer, Teradata => StackIQ, Solana Beach
MF BS 2012 Software Developer, General Atomics (Aeronauticall Systems)
JV BS 2013 Product Support Engineer, Teradata.
MND BS 2006 Senior Staff Software Engineer, Qualcomm Corp.
SR BS 2001 Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman
JH MS 2014 Senior System Engineer, Forward Slope, Inc.
BS BS 2013 Software Engineer at Teradata
JB BS 2013 Masters program at UCSB
CF BS 2013 Database design specialist at Productive Computing
RM BS 2013 Embedded systems at Northrop
RC BS 2013 Embedded systems at Northrop
EB MS 2013 Programmer Analyst at Synteract
JV BS 2013 Sofware engineer of Photonics division L3 Communications
MD BS 2012 Working at BrightScope, Inc.
KM BS 2012 Program Analyst at Qualcomm.
NM BS 2012 Software developer at Next Solutions of San Diego.
MF BS 2012 Software developer at General Atomics (embedded systems)
MD BS 2011 Working at Team Global (partner of IBM) travelling around the world
TJ MS 2012 Seagate Technology (Minnesota) as a software engineer.
HH MS 2011 Working at Trimble, San Diego
TS BS 2010 ID Analytics (data mining)
DC BS 2011 Working at Miva, San Diego
OA BS 2011 Officer of Marine Corp
NP MS 2009 Working at Life Technologies in Carlsbad
JC MS 2010 Working at Synteract in Carlsbad
LR BS 2010 Director of data management at a pharmaceutical company
CC MS 2011 Analyst at UCSD Super computer center
EL BS 2010 Urban Science Applications, Inc.
Associate in Client Services on the BMI team (Business Managment Intelligence).
JW BS 2011 SQA at Sony (C#, Python, iOS and Android)
CW BS 2011 Employed as a Software Engineer at Avanade (child partner of Accenture and partner of Microsoft) in San Antonio Texas
TR BS 2011 Emloyed at Northrop
WF BS 2011 Employed at Oracle
NM MS 2009 Employed as a UAV Software Engineer at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.
GC BS 2008 Employed as a Software Engineer.
RF BS 2007 President of Baja Designs
CF BS 2007 Employed as a Computer Scientist at Space and Naval Warfare Systems (SPAWAR)-Pacific.
MA BS 2005 Co-founded in 1998 which provides online traffic school and driving safety education. Since its launch in October in 1998 it has serviced over 650,000 customers and generated over 18 million dollars in sales. Co-founded in 2006 which is a patent pending web developers tool designed around http analysis and web environment Tealium in March 2008. Prior to Tealium, he joined Websidestory/Visual Sciences/Omniture as a Senior Engineer,
DM BS 2005 Currently a PhD student at Missouri Science & Technology teaching computer science and researching wireless sensor networks. He received one of the highest ratings amongst instructors and faculty in recent teaching evaluations.
JR MS 2004 Started working at Qualcomm right after graduation in 2004.
SK MS 2004 Working at Qualcomm, San Diego, currently working on UMTS/3G technology. He received 2 awards (One awarded by Vice-president himself which is rare and consdiered very good) for excellance within a span of 1 year.
RJ MS 2003 Software Engineer at ViaSat in Carlsbad. He works on a product that delivers consumer broadband service (high-speed internet similar to Cable Modem service) via Satellite.
KS MS 2003 Working as an instructor teaching computer science classes at several junior colleges.
LS BS 2003 Employed as Quality Assurance Test Engineer at Airgain.
TU MS 2003 Employed as a Software Engineer at Northrop.
DF MS 2002 Currently working on MBA degree at Brigham Young University.
MM BS 2002 IT project manager for the US Navy, Department of Defense, in Yokosuka, Japan.
JR BS 2002 Employed as an Electronic Engineer at Navair.
SP BS 2002 Employed as a Scientist.
AS BS 2001 Security Operations Center Lead for a Fortune 500 energy company in Southern California. It all started at CSUSM!
DC BS 2001 Minority shareholder & program manager of a small defense company specializing in modeling and simulation software.
ME BS 2001 Web Developer for St. Bernard Software located in the Rancho Bernardo are of San Diego.
SR MS 2001 Sr. Engineer at Harris Corp in San Diego
YA BS 2001 Employed at Mitsubishi FA Japan.
BH BS 2001 Employed as an Analyst Programmer at IITS CSUSM.
VK BS 2000 Employed as the Lead Software Engineer for Northrop.
RE BS 2000 Vice President at Salvo Dx, San Diego.
ML MS 19XX CSUSM IITS Director of Software Development
NB BS 1996 Is registered to practice before the US Patent & Trademark Office as a patent agent. She works in Irvine, CA for the Intellectual Property law firm of Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear.
EK BS 1995 A tenured full professor at the University of California Riverside.  He has published over 150 papers, with an astonishing 28 of those papers having at least 100 citations. He has won best paper awards at most of the top conferences in his area (ACM SIGMOD, ACM SIGKDD, IEEE ICDM, SIAM SDM). He has been the first or sole PI on 4.5 million dollars of grants and contracts, and is winner of a Bill and Melinda Gates Grand Challenge for his work on Mosquito Classification with computers.  
JT BS   Employed at Brandes Investment Partners in San Diego building in-house VS.Net trading related web applications for the firm.