The Master of Science Program in Computer Science provides breadth in several areas and depth in one of several specialized areas. It is designed to accommodate students with different goals and prepare students for a variety of positions in industry, business, and the public sector; for continued study at the doctoral level; or for academic careers at the two-year colleges. You will find opportunities here to enhance your professional development and contribute to your community. We encourage critical thinking and quantitative reasoning, and treat Computer Science as a scientific enterprise.

Special characteristics

  • Low student/faculty ratio.
  • Many classes in the evening or in the morning. Some are online.
  • Breadth and depth both emphasized: you get a solid foundation in Computer Science core then you can choose such special areas as networking and communications, or databases, or artificial intelligence. You should studythe past Masters Projects and available Research Topics.
  • Faculty mentoring: from the moment you enter, you will have a faculty advisor. Changing your interests while choosing your special area? You can change to a new advisor.
  • Be a part of department life: get teaching opportunities, join in faculty research, get involved in colloquia, curriculum planning, and social events.
  • After reading this web site (be sure to read the Admission Criteria and How to Apply pages first), if you have any further questions about the graduate program, please email: