Masters Candidacy

No student may enroll for CS698, CS699 or take a comprehensive exam before being advanced to candidacy. The student should complete an Advancement to Candidacy Form and submit it to the Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science.


  1. Upon the completion of 9 units toward the degree, but prior to the completion of 18 units toward the degree (i.e. before working on the last 12 units of your degree), the student should obtain the permission of a tenured or tenure-track Computer Science faculty member to act as the student's advisor.
  2. The student and the advisor should come up with the plan of study for the cumulative experience (i.e. project, thesis or exam). A project or thesis proposal must be prepared.
  3. Upon approval of the proposal by the advisor, the student and the advisor should choose the member(2) of the committee.
  4. The student completes the Advising Sheet and submits it to the Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science.

The student is advanced to candidacy for the Master of Science degree upon submission of the study plan and completion of 18 units toward the degree with at least a 3.0 grade point average. Changes in the study plan must be approved by the student's advisor and the Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science.

To enroll in cs698 or cs699 you must also file an Independent Study Form. Please attach your Candidacy document to this form when obtaining signatures.  The deadline to do this is the 10th week of the semester before cs698 or cs699

What courses to take for your project/thesis

  • CS698 (one semester only for credit) for Project. If you do not finish it, the second semester will not be for credit.
  • CS699 (one or two semesters for credit) for Thesis If you do not finish it, "RP" will be your grade.
  • CS700 if you need more semesters to finish the Thesis.
  • GRADE 699 if you need just a little bit of time to finish your Thesis or Project.