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March 2013

Dr. Tom Spady, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, encourages lab and field research in the area of bear conservation and has three Biological Sciences students, Brendan Himelright (graduate), Brittany Baca and Jenna Moore (undergraduate), working with him this year. Check out this great video the Office of Communications produced that introduces you to their groundbreaking research.

February 2013

Bianca R. Mothé (BIOT), S. Southwood, J. Sidney, A.M. English, A. Wriston, I. Hoof, J. Shabanowitz, D.F. Hunt,and A. Sette.  "Peptide-binding motifs associated with MHC molecules common in Chinese rhesus macaques are analogous to those of human HLA supertypes and include HLA-B27-like alleles."  Immunogenetics