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Special Topics

Human Resource Audits

This course will focus on looking behind and beyond an organization’s claim of sound and proper HR management by examining the hows and whys of HR Audits. You will discuss the critical components of an HR audit, how to identify, assess and successfully manage risk and ensure that the organization’s human capital adds value. You will learn how to benchmark your policies and practices to effectively influence your organization’s ability to achieve it’s strategic objectives. Sharpen your HR analysis skills and learn how audit your company’s policies before someone else does it for you.

Employee Relations


This course is an exploration of workplace relationships between employers and employees.  This is a study in the process of implementing, promoting, and maintaining effective employee relations and appropriate working conditions that balance the employer's needs with the employees' rights, while supporting the organization's stratetgic objectives.

Students will examine employee relations in the context of organizational culture; employee engagement assessments and strategies; and effective discoplien and conflict resolution practices as well as union avoidance theories.

Business leaders and managers, as well as HR practitioners with at least three years of exempt level practical experience or recent graduates of the Human Resource Management Certificate will benefit from this course.

Instructors:  Lorein Brightwell, SPHR and Sandra Fichter, MA, SPHR

This program is not a required course for the Human Resource Management Certificate Program.