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Legal Issues for HR Professionals

Each day, HR professionals interpret a variety of state, federal and local laws associated with various employment-related situations. This course will assist you in becoming better informed about how your role and responsibilities can impact the organization’s overall bottom line. You’ll also learn how written policies and procedures impact employees and the organization, and how you can minimize the company’s exposure to costly employee lawsuits and administrative fees.

Workplace Applications:

  • Realize the various legal considerations of hiring, promotion and termination issues
  • Correct structuring employee handbooks, documentation and employment policies
  • Distinguish between state and Federal regulations and guidelines for anti-discrimination laws
  • Conduct workplace investigations and effectively dealing with employee privacy issues
Required Textbook: 
2015 California Labor Law Digest (54th Edition), California Chamber of Commerce

Call 800-331-8877 to receive the student discount. Please request the newest version of the California Labor Law Digest for this class.

Prior to the first class, please read Chapter 3, Recruiting and Hiring, and Chapter 5, Verfiying Eligibility to Work.