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Project Management Certificate and Certification Review

Project Management Certificate and Certification Review

"The Course" - Classroom

Project management is an evolving profession and employers are increasingly requiring that their project managers be certified. TheCourse™ program, offered in partnership with the University Learning Institute (ULI), a registered provider with the Project Management Institute (PMI), is a 56-hour program that prepares students for certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) or a refresher for those who may have previous project management experience.  Those new to project Management will also benefit from the combination of in-class lecture and learning activities as well as out of class assignments which will focus on bringing the classroom content into their workplace for immediate application.

TheCourse teaches the core competencies of project management and coveres the Five Process Groups and Ten Knowledge Areas of PMBOK, the PMP code of ethics and professional conduct, and a review of general management topics that are on the PMP examination. Visit TheCourse website for more program details.

Online Information Session

"TheCourse" Presentation

Classroom Benefits include:

  • All course materials including the 5th edition of PMI's Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
  • Students who take the live-lecture course will also receive access to online material, including the online version of the classroom content
  • Once certified as Project Management Professionals, students may access online resources to continue earning professional development units. 
  • Learn about how the Project Management profession is evolving
  • How to apply for and why a PMP Certification can enhance your career opportunities
  • How CSUSM's Project Management program can help you achieve success in your current or future project management positions

Project Management dates have been moved to Fall 2015. Please check back for dates.

Project Management  Certification Preparation - ONLINE Program Option

"TheCourse" - online

TheCourse for Project Management is a 56-hour PMP prep course that PMI has rated 95.63%, vs. their average rating of all providers of 86.12%.  It is revised every four years to correspond to the latest edition of PMI’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), currently 5th-edition.  A prep course is often the first, and perhaps the only, formal education of the student in project management.  Moreover, the subject is continually evolving, as indicated by the 4-year PMBOK cycle.  TheCourse is designed to address these realities and enable its students to gain and maintain advanced knowledge of their profession.

Students have one year to complete preparation for the PMP certification and pass the PMP exam.

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Online Course Benefits Include:

A one-year license to online course materials including:

  • 16 multi-media presentations
  • An online library of more than 100 academic papers and tutorials on technical terms that have appeared in the last four editions of PMBOK
  • Out of class assignments
  • A downloadable test engine with approximately 700 exam-like questions designed to look and operate like the PMP exam

Hard copy course material mailed to the student consists of:

  • A copy of the current PMBOK
  • Workbooks containing copies of the online presentations and exam-like questions pertaining to the presentations
  • An Answer Book with answers, citations and explanations to the questions

Upon PMP certification, the student receives lifetime access to the online course material at no cost, enabling the student to learn and to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs), which are required to maintain certification.  This is a unique feature of TheCourse.

Cost: $1195 (includes all materials)

System requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6, Netscape version 7 or Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or later. TheTest has been tested on every variation of Microsoft Operating Systems.

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