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Management Basics for Supervisors

In the last 20 years, the rapid rise of technology and globalization has created more change in the world of work, regardless of the industry, than all of history. Successful leaders must understand the impact of this change on the company and on employees as well. To become a successful supervisor, you will need to understand the big picture before you can begin dealing with the details of people and productivity issues. This class will help you understand your role as it relates to the overall organization and help you begin building the traits of an effective leader.

Workplace Applications:

  •   Define the leader of today 
  •   Understand the evolution of business and its impact on your company today 
  •   Learn what you need to know to be in business in five years 
  •   Balance the three critical components of the supervisor’s job 
  •   Understand the role of interdependence on business success

This program is a core class in our Supervising Employees Certificate.

Fall: October 13 - Register
Days: Tuesday
Time: 8:30am - Noon
Fee: $149

 Supervising Employees Certificate

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