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Performance Management

A key responsibility of a supervisor is to manage employee performance. This class will help you better understand what an effective performance management system is, its purpose, elements and processes, and what your role is in making that system effective. Discussions will focus on the steps needed to identify, encourage, improve and reward employee performance as well as the link between the performance management system and the other human resource systems, specifically, training and compensation.

Workplace Applications: 

  •   Set clear goals and standards for performance 
  •   Identify and measure tasks appropriately 
  •   Document employee performance and identify development needs 
  •   Deal more effectively with difficult performance appraisals 
  •   Create an environment of clear expectations and results

This program is a core class in our Supervising Employees Certificate.


Fall:  October 27 - Register

Days: Tuesdays
Time: 8:30am - Noon
Fee: $149

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