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Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Certificate (BLTC) program

Biotechnology Laboratory Technician

The Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Certificate consists of five classes (16 semester units). It is designed to provide San Diego area students with the skills necessary to secure entry-level positions as biotech lab technicians or research assistants. The program curriculum provides an overview of the industry and the functions of biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories in research, manufacturing, and quality control. This Certificate program is designed to be completed within two semesters of study, or approximately eight months.

Courses in the Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Certificate program -

  • Cover a range of topics considered crucial in supplying a solid science foundation, supplemented by hands-on training in a laboratory
  • Taught by faculty from the Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology departments at CSUSM
  • Include study of cutting edge technologies and current biotech market trends
  • Emphasize the role of biotechnology companies, the process of discovery, and the development of new products

This program is funded by the San Diego Workforce Partnership and the Riverside County Workforce Development Center enabling workers in Southern California to seek training for laboratory technician or research assistant roles in the biotechnology workforce.


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