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Pre-Health Professions Program

CSUSM is offering an intensive Pre-Health Professions post-baccalaureate that will provide a student with the Science and Math courses they need to prepare for entrance into various Health Professions programs.

Many post-baccalaureate individuals decide to change their careers and enter the expanding health industry. This program will prepare students who have completed a non-life science degree in areas such as Anthropology or English to gain the knowledge base required to become competitive applicants to health professional schools such as dental school, medical school or veterinary school.  However, this goal is not easily realized because the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology are heavily impacted at nearly every university. At CSUSM, the cohort design of the Pre-Health Professions program will help alleviate this problem, and will meet student needs for preparation to competitively qualify for admissions into Health Professions programs.

Facts about the Pre-Health Professions (PHP) program:
•    comprises 51 credits/units of biology, chemistry, math, and physics
•    13 courses including 8 with labs to be completed over 2 years
•    classes are held weekday evenings over five semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring)
•    cohort-structure guarantees classes
•    up-to-date courses help prepare for MCAT, etc.

This program is Financial Aid eligible for the first year through unsubsidized Federal loans and outside sources.

Want more information on the Pre-Health Professions Certificate?  Register for an information session here:

Wednesday, December 9th - 4:00PM