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 Dr. Moineau

Suzanne Moineau, Ph.D., CCC/SLP-L
Program Director
Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Dr. Suzanne Moineau, Ph.D., CCC/SLP, Associate Professor (University of California, San Diego/San Diego State University, 2006). Dr. Moineau joined the faculty at CSUSM in January of 2006; her main area of specialization is in neurogenic communication and swallowing disorders. Dr. Moineau is the Program Director and currently serves as the Department Chair for SLP. Dr. Moineau’s research focuses on basic research in cognitive-linguistic functioning in those with acquired brain injuries and aspects of teaching and learning in higher education.


 Dr. Heisler

Lori Heisler, Ph.D., CCC/SLP-L

Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Dr. Heisler, Ph.D., CCC/SLP, Assistant Professor (Purdue University, 2004). Dr. Heisler joined Cal State San Marcos in Fall 2010; her areas of specialization are in child language disorders and child phonology. Dr. Heisler has over 15 years of international clinical experience working in a children's rehab center, private practice and in public schools.   Her research interests center around the interaction of speech and language in production processes, improving public education outcomes for infants and children from multicultural and multilingual populations and teaching and learning.



Kristen Nahrstedt, M.A., CCC/SLP
Clinical Director
Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Ms. Kristen Nahrstedt, MA, CCC/SLP. Adjunct Lecture (San Diego State University, 2001). Ms. Nahrstedt joined Cal State San Marcos in July 2012 as the Clinical Director for the MA program. She has worked for 13 years in clinical practice with extensive experience across the lifespan. She currently teaches the Diagnostics course (260) for the post-bac program while running an adult clinic. Her national and state level presentations include content related to clinical mechanics and confidentiality compliance.


Alison Scheer-Cohen

Alison R. Scheer-Cohen, Ph.D., CCC/SLP
Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Alison Scheer-Cohen, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Assistant Professor (University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006). Before joining California State University, San Marcos in Fall 2013, Dr. Scheer-Cohen worked as a speech-language pathologist in both the hospital setting and private practice. She was also a lecturer at San Diego State University and a visiting instructor at the University of Iowa. In both academic positions, she taught courses, supervised graduate students in clinic, and engaged in multiple research projects. Dr. Scheer-Cohen's primary research interests include the speech of children with sensorimotor speech and low-incidence disorders, in addition to typical speech acquisition.


Adjunct Program Faculty

Devina Acharya

Kathleen Catterall

Laura Coca

Joan Hewitt

Jodi Robledo

Dorothy Yang

Clinical Supervisors

Heather Defelice

Christine Goan

Sarah Gonzales

Deanna Hughes

Alice Karpal

Karyn Searcy

Dawn Shirvanian

Decemna Tang

Dana Tappen