Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is an intensive transitional program offered to select EOP admits. Students participating in the five week intensive Summer Bridge Program have the opportunity to get a head start on their general education coursework, improve math and writing skills, attend cultural activities, and build a network of support. Summer Bridge requires that students live on campus during the five week program duration.

First year students admitted to EOP are required to participate in the Summer Bridge Program if their ELM (Entry Level Mathematics test) score is below 50 and if their EPT (English Placement Test) score is below 147. Students who do not participate in the Summer Bridge Program but whose placement scores fall within this bracket (for either or both tests), will still be required to participate in the University's Early Start courses during the Summer for Math, English, or both.  Failure to complete the EOP Summer Bridge Program or Early Start courses will result in their Fall course cancellations, and cancellation of participation to EOP.

What happens in Summer Bridge?  Students will…

  • Strengthen their math skills in order to retake and pass the ELM or raise your score to the next level of math.  Students will earn between 1-3 units of math credit fulfilling their Early Start-Math requirement.
  • Take the course "Writing and Reading for College Success" (ESW 120) and earn 4 units of GE credit that completes the Area E requirement and Early Start-English requirement.
  • Be a part of a learning community where they will receive support from instructors, counselors, tutors and peers.
  • Make new friends and build lasting relationships that will support their academic goals.
  • Attend cultural events and participate in activities that will enhance their learning experience.
  • Live in the University Village Apartments at EOP’s expense.

Summer Bridge helps students:

  • Become familiar with the campus.
  • Prepare to meet the demands of college life.
  • Understand academic expectations.
  • Meet other students, faculty and staff.
  • And much more!

How long is the 2015 Summer Bridge Program?

  • Mandatory Orientation and move-in on Saturday, June 20th
  • Classes will begin Monday, June 22nd through Friday, July 24th
  • Fridays are reserved for mandatory activities and events

Summer Bridge Video