What’s New in Diversity

Efforts to address stereotyping and cultural appropriation: Several efforts have been initiated to address some of these concerns. They include;

  1.  Adding diversity content to the student orientation
  2.  Diversity sessions have been added to the Student Leadership Organization Conference
  3. Embedding diversity commitment and training into various student organizational structures is currently being worked on by Student Life and Leadership. Once finalized we will share the results.
  4. Discussions are currently underway to see how we can add more diversity issues into the Civility Campaign.
  5. The Office of DEE & I is developing workshops and forums for fall 2013 to discuss issues of cultural appropriation and stereotypes for students, staff, faculty and administrators.
  6. We are looking into funding to develop a video that focuses on how to work with diverse groups and our commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  7. In the development of the Bias Response Network we will review the current discrimination/hate crimes/and harassment complaint processes to ensure clarity and accessibility for members of the campus community. We will also look into the feasibility of using the network to collect more accurate data on incidents of bias, hate and discrimination on campus.
  8. MPP search procedures:

    We are currently revising the MPP search procedures to include additional provisions that encourage and assist in recruiting a diverse pool of applicants.


    The Ombuds office has been funded for another year, we will publicize to the campus community in September/October the services the office provides. Ombuds serve for two years. We have an opening for an Ombuds to start spring of 2014.

    Diversity Grants:

    Diversity grants will be made available again this year. This year we will start early and open up RFP’s in late September or early October.