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FAS Managers

All Finance and Administrative Services Manager's
The following expectations apply to all Finance and Administrative Services Managers


The FAS Managers provide advice to the Vice President and the FAS Leadership Council on all matters pertaining to the FAS division's operations and delivery of services to the campus community. Each manager provides input and disseminates critical information to staff regarding changes in policies and procedures, mandates, employee programs, and other matters brought forward for discussion.

Meeting Protocols

  • The FAS Managers meeting forum is used to convey directives and information for implementation from the President's Office, Executive Council, President's Cabinet, and FAS Leadership Council.
  • Regular training and leadership development are provided at the meetings.
  • The FAS Managers meet quarterly or more often if necessary.

FAS Managers are charged with sustaining the professional and positive workplace set out in the FAS Leadership Culture. FAS Managers are held accountable, to be reflected in their annual performance evaluations, for exhibiting the leadership qualities reflected in the FAS Leadership Culture.