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Student Highlight

Outstanding GEW Student of the Month

    September 2017

Photo of Cindy Ramirez

The GEW Student of the Month for September 2017 is Cindy Ramirez. Interview conducted by Sean Wilkinson.


SW: Tell me a little about yourself

CR: I am an athlete (soccer), and am very close to my family. Every Friday we gather at my grandparents’ house, have fun and create new memories together. I am also very passionate about achieving my goal which is to get my doctoral degree (MD).

SW: What is your major?

CR:Biological Sciences

SW: You already kind of hinted at this, but why did you decide on that major?

CR:Because I want to become an orthopedic doctor.

SW: Why an orthopedic doctor?

CR:Since I am athlete myself, I am always getting injured, and I want to know why I am getting these injuries, I also want to be able to help other athletes on and off the field.

SW: Why did you choose CSUSM?

CR:I chose it because it is close to my family, and if I moved far from my family, I wouldn’t feel like myself.

SW: How do you see GEW helping you in your career?

CR:Language and writing are very important in every career, and I see it being helpful in my career because as a doctor I will be having contact with a variety of patients, therefore, my language and writing need to be professional. 

SW: What has been your favorite lesson in GEW?

CR:Right now we are writing about an article and looking at rhetorical strategies to determine if an article is effective and I really enjoyed that since I have never done that before.

SW: What do you like about writing?

CR:I enjoy it because I get to state my opinion. At first I wasn’t very confident with my writing because I wasn’t as strong when it came to formatting, but after working with Professor Wales and my peers, my confidence has been boosted. I also just love how she teaches.

SW: What is one piece of advice you would give a future student?

CR:Start writing an outline and your essay a week, or two, before it is due. IF you do it late, or the day it is due, you will not get the grade you want. Also, always have someone critique it.

SW:Anything else you want to mention?

CR:I really love this school because everyone is so nice and welcoming. All the professors are great because they are not just teaching from a book; they open it up to the whole class and it is more of a conversation. I really enjoy that.