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Outstanding GEW Student of the Month

February 2016 - Karla Lozano


This month we are highlighting Karla Lozano, a student in Erica Duran's GEW class. Karla was interviewed by Jayne Braman. 

Karla Lozano kicks off the Spring semester as GEW Student of the Month, chosen among many deserving students from Erica Duran’s class.

A San Diego native, Karla is originally from “the college area” (SDSU); she attended a private high school in Escondido, San Pasqual Academy.  She chose to attend CSUSM because it is close to home, but not too close, so she feels like she is away, but still has support of her family and friends.  She also is impressed with the expanding campus.

Karla is majoring in biology with a goal of becoming a pediatric PA.  Because she is entering a competitive major, she understands the need to get good grades and is, therefore, focused on her academic goals, like making the dean’s list.  During her first year she has decided to keep her outside interests to a minimum, but if she could manage it, she is interested in club volleyball on campus.  Karla also enjoys attending campus sporting events, particularly the basketball games.  While her studies do keep her busy, she also recognizes the need to take breaks to clear her head; she feels that when she takes a break to relieve stress, she can often tackle the difficult tasks more easily.

The desire to become a pediatric physician’s assistant stems from her love of little children.  It also stems from the fact that she is a Type 1 diabetic; she is on a mission to help other people with the disease. This mission to help extends to her work with foster programs, like Urban Surf 4 Kids, which is an outreach organization that offers healing through water sports by giving a positive outlet for underprivileged kids.  Her work with this organization took her to Hawaii where she was able to volunteer at the Mauli Ola Foundation.  She said that her day spent surfing with kids who suffer with cystic fibrosis was one of the most rewarding days of her life.  Karla has a kind and giving spirit who wants to help kids overcome and deal with the struggles they face.  Her instructor, Erica Duran recognizes that “our planet needs more people like Karla.”

In her spare time, Karla’s passions include reading (YAY!) and paddle boarding on Mission Bay.  She likes to read books that take her to another place, such as The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson.  Karla likes stories where people overcome challenges; she calls it realistic fiction. When not reading, she likes to hang out with family and friends at the beach.

Karla has a large, extended family and her best advice to younger siblings is that education is important and that time management is the key to success, but knowing how to do your own laundry is also important!  Karla is not shy about asking questions in class, so her classmates might see her as a serious student; however, she would like people to know that she likes to have fun and to make new friends, so don’t be shy to talk to her when you see her on campus.