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Outstanding GEW Student of the Month

October 2013 - Natalie Marshall

Picture of Natalie

Natalie Marshall, a student in Charlotte Strauwald’s GEW 101, comes from Laverne, in L.A. County and wants to one day become a marine biologist.   “But,” she adds, “I love to travel, too,” and she has already visited England, France, and Australia.  “Maybe that’s why I like my global classes so much -- History 131 and GEL -- and GEW has already helped me write a history paper because it showed me what a college paper looks like.”

What does she like best about GEW?   “The freedom to think for myself.  Writing papers was different in high school, where they always gave us a structure to follow.  Here, we get to think about how we want to lay out our papers.”

Natalie says she likes GEW class and group discussions.  “It’s fun and helpful to see what other people think.”  In fact, even though it’s been an adjustment, she’s happy to be in college:  “You’re with people who want to learn.  College lets me take in other people’s ideas and views and choose what to make my own.”   She adds, “I started out not being super confident about my writing, but I already see that I’ve learned from everyone I’ve worked with in my GEW class.” What advice does Natalie offer?  “Don’t be afraid to ask the professor a question before or after class – it’s good to make personal contact,” and, “It really helps to go to labs and to the WritingCenter.