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Outstanding GEW Student of the Month

December 2015 - Stephanie Diaz

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Stephanie is majoring in Sociology, and she loves kids. She wants to make sure that everyone has care because she is very kind. She is thinking about a career in social work; however, she wants to remain open and see where the major takes her. Perhaps she will work with the law, and work to prove why something is right or wrong.

What do you like most about GEW?

My teacher helps me figure out what the best aspects of my writing are. I like how she points out the value in my writing; this is turn helps me when I am stressed out. Sometimes in college we get stressed out and forget that we have worth, so when my teacher points out the good stuff in my writing, it helps me remember that I have worth.

What recommendation would you give to students who take GEW?

Mostly, connect with the teacher from the beginning. It helps them determine what writing style you have. Go outside the classroom and communicate with the teacher. Communication helps with forming a relationship, which helps the teacher know my strengths and weaknesses. If I meet with her outside the classroom, she knows that I am putting effort into the class, and she will help me.

How did you get here?

My mom pushed me a lot, and I didn’t think I was worthy, but she helped me see that I was worthy. As a senior at Escondido High School, I took a course in sociology, which made me realize how much I liked sociology. I had really good communication with that teacher, too, and so that led me to research what schools had good sociology programs. Both SDSU and CSUSM have good programs, so I think I will get my BA here, and my Masters at SDSU.

What is something interesting or unique about you?

I stress a lot with school and work, so one thing I try to is work out. In high school, I played sports—lacrosse and cheer—to help with that stress. Now that I’m not playing sports, I have to put all that stress into working out. I go to a gym, and I do exercises at home.