2013-14 Faculty/Staff Campaign

159 CSUSM employees supported 59 different funds at CSUSM with gifts during the 2012-13 academic year.  Whether your gift is large or small, monthly or a one-time donation, it matters and it is impactful.  And during the Faculty/Staff Campaign, when you give a little, and get a latte! 

We'll deliver a Campus Coffee gift card to:

  • Current Employee Payroll Deduction donors
  • Donors who sign up for Employee Payroll Deduction at www.csusm.edu/giving by selecting the Employee Payroll Deduction button
  • Donors who make a one-time or recurring gift online at www.csusm.edu/donation

Questions?  Contact Sean Briner in University Advancement at sbriner@csusm.edu or extention 4404.

Our Campus Community

Thank you for your role in making CSUSM an innovative, educational leader in our region.  Your passion, dedication and support fuel our growth and success.  Although changes and growth are constant, one thing has always remained the same at CSUSM - our commitment to students.  You, our visionary and dedicated faculty and staff, are working hard to ensure the finest educational experience for them.

Employee Impact

Each year employees are invited to support the Annual Fund.  The participation of the campus community plays a significant role in supporting CSUSM along the path of academic excellence, and your contribution to the Annual Fund will impact not only the University as a whole but individual students pursuing their dream of a higher education.  Nearly 60% of our students rely upon financial aid to support their education.  CSUSM depends on gifts from alumni, friends, students, parents, businesses and foundations to adapt and thrive.  Faculty and staff contributions make an impressive statement to our many constitutents and demonstrate our unified support and pride for the University.

A Growing Culture of Philanthropy

Last year the number of employee donors grew by nearly 20%.  Students too have been inspired to give back.  The Senior Class Gift Campaign helped increase the number of student donors by an astonishing 265%.

Collective Giving Adds Up

Every one of us can make a difference, no matter the amount of our gift, by supporting CSUSM students through donations to scholarships, colleges, programs, or departments.  Or simply support the Annual Fund that targets some of the University's greatest needs.  The "ripple effect" of our collective giving adds up quickly!

How to Contribute

To learn more about Employee Giving, please contact:

Sean Briner in University Advancement