Students - For assistance with your IRB application, please consult your thesis chair or faculty mentor.

For additional information, please see the FAQs and training resources or contact the IRB.

Administrative Support

IRB Office

IRB Office Staff

Becky Eberwein
Office of Graduate Studies

Dr. Wesley Schultz
Interim Associate Vice President for Research

IRB Committee

Konane Martinez, IRB Chair

Dustin Calvillo, IRB Co-Chair

Deanna Hughes, Speech and Language Pathology

Kristin Bates, Sociology

Carol Mudgett, Community Member

Denise Boren, School of Nursing

JoAnn Daugherty, School of Nursing

Susan Thompson, Library

Devan Romero, Kinesiology

Noelle Smith, Biology Student

IRB Committee Meetings for Fall 2014
IRB Review Process
The IRB review process can take from one to six weeks or more before the researcher receives final approval. The review time depends on what kind of application is submitted, the IRB committee meeting schedule, and the timeliness of responses to requests for clarification. The IRB Process for each application type is summarized in this chart--IRB Process Flow Chart.