The Health Educator is available for classroom lectures on a variety of  topics. If you're unavailable for a class, don't cancel it! Call us to schedule a classroom presentation. We are available for Greek organizations, clubs, and classes on a wide variety of topics including:

► Want to get A's?...Increase your Zzzzs
► Eating on the Run
► Let's Talk About Sex!
► Stress Management 101
► HIV/AIDS: What's Your Status?
► Sex BINGO (Sexually Transmitted Infections)
► Sex and Birth Control
► Books & Booze (Alcohol 101)
► Alcohol & Sex
► Eating Disorders
► Deadly Buzz (Club/Designer Drugs)
► Sexual Assault & Acquaintance Rape

Presentations are from peer educators or the Health Educator. For information, or to make an appointment, please call:

Cathy Nguyen, Health Educator: (760) 750-4917


SH 101 General Health Guide

Student Health 101 Genearal Health Guide

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