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How and When to Apply

We encourage you to begin looking into student housing the minute you think you want to attend CSU San Marcos.  Applying to Student Housing and applying to the University are separate processes.  You do not need to wait until you have been accepted to the University to apply to student housing.  Students who apply to Student Housing early have a better chance of getting their choice of complex and bed space type (single, double, etc…).  Contracts for a bed space will be offered once you are admitted to CSUSM. 

Application Process and Timeline

Beginning in Fall 2012, all first time freshman admitted from outside the CSUSM Local Service Area (if you are not sure if your high school is in the service area or not, see are required to live in CSUSM Student Housing for their first year.  The University highly encourages all students to live in student housing at least two years while studying at the University.  If you are from outside the CSUSM Local Service Area and required to live in Student Housing, you will not be able to register for New Student Orientation or register for classes without completing the Student Housing contract process or requesting and receiving approval to be exempt from the Live On Requirement (see  If you have questions about the exemption process or need assistance completing the form, please contact Patty Diaz, SOAR Coordinator, at 760-750-6025 or Kim Clark, University Corporation Executive Director at 760-750-3722.  You can also e-mail your questions to

Applying is easy!  Just select the property you would like to apply to from the choices below, and submit your non-refundable application fee ($42.00).  Once the University notifies you that you have been admitted, you will be offered a contract for a bed space.  Be sure to return it as instructed or that space will be offered to someone else.  By signing the contract, you are agreeing to accept financial responsibility for the bed space and to live by the Resident Rules, so be sure you have reviewed your Financial Aid eligibility with the Financial Aid Office prior to signing!  The Resident Handbook can be found at

Once you return your contract with the required non-refundable $500.00 service fee, you have a bed space reserved for you!  That means if anything changes about your status as a student at CSUSM (you change your mind about attending CSUSM, you become ineligible, your financial aid award changes) contact the housing office at 760-750-3711 immediately!  There is no guarantee we can make any changes, or find someone to fill your bed space right away, but the sooner you contact us and provide the necessary documentation, the better we can assist you.  More information about cancellation policies and procedures can be found at Contracts are not automatically canceled. If you fail to move in or don’t make the required payments you will be financially liable!

What are you waiting for?  Choose your complex and click to apply now!

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