Work Schedules: Non-Faculty Staff and MPP Employees

Employee work schedules for all non-faculty staff (non-exempt and exempt) and MPP employees are required to be maintained in the Absence Management System.    These schedules are necessary for the accurate processing of employee pay, and ensure accurate accruals and calculations for leave use, holidays, alternate days off and Plus-Minus calculations.

New Employees:

HREO will work with the appropriate administrator (MPP) to ensure that a work schedule is included with the sign-in documents submitted to Payroll Services.

Current Employees:

The appropriate administrator (MPP) is responsible for completing a work schedule form and submitting it to their assigned HR manager whenever the current work schedule for an employee (staff or MPP) is changed.   Please contact your HR manager at least three (3) weeks prior to the proposed effective date of the work schedule change.

Download the 2013 Work Schedule Change Form to complete and submit new and/or changes to work schedules.

Absence Management

Please visit the Absence Management webpage for updates and training resources regarding Absence Management.