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Kathy Fuller

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The cost of a quality education is on the rise!  In order to help alleviate some of the financial pressure on students, I decided to CALM down textbook expenses.  I involved my students immediately, to provide information on what sources for required texts they have used in the past, or are currently using. With this in mind, I located a variety of free reading materials, and additional resources to enhance learning in my Human Development 497: Applied Research in Human Development courses. I grouped these resources into the following categories:  1. Tutorials; 2. Simulations; 3. Open Texts; 4. Lessons; 5. TED Talks; 6. YouTube Videos; and 7. Surveys.  In addition, I created a graph to organize which CALM resource was associated with each topic presented in class.   These resources were then uploaded to my Cougar Course online classroom.

The result was an estimated savings of $157.32 for each student.  With 67 students currently enrolled in my two sections of HD 497, that resounds in a whopping total savings of $10,540.44!  Students clap when they hear this fun fact!