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Colin McDonellColin McDonell
Kellogg Library 2005

Colin McDonell is the Innovative Solution Strategist who works with the campus administration and staff to provide guidance and investigation of new and upgraded technology plus assists with the acquisition of these products. He has been a member of the CSUSM staff for over a decade with the majority of his time spent managing the Student Technology Help Desk. A graduate of CSUSM with a BA in Arts and Technology, Colin brings to his role at IITS a fusion of the creative thinking that he learned while studying art with his knowledge of existing and future technology. Colin's forward thinking implemented such programs as Mobile Device Management and Google Voice to the Student Help Desk Call Center before these systems were well known. His role in the Innovative Solutions group is focused on discovering needs for new technology on campus and confirming that is inline with new trends in the technology world.  Keeping an open mind to new technology, and his willingness to learn about any system or process, has helped Colin move into his role as Innovative Solution Strategist.