Post production

Post production is what happens to your project after the video is shot and the audio recorded. It includes things like:

  • Editing the video or audio;
  • Adding music;
  • Adding titles, subtitles, and captions;
  • Adding transitions between shots;
  • Adding graphics or special visual effects.

CSUSM offers a variety of tools for accomplishing this work, from the very basic to the very advanced. Contact us and let us help you decide which workflow is best for what you want to accomplish with media.

List of Mac labs that students can use for post-production and there are Mac edit stations in Kellogg 2000 and five edit rooms for group work on the 2nd floor too.

Below are some links to useful guides to help you start thinking about how to use media production in courses:

Media Production Team Contacts

Chuck Allen
[Team Leader]
Kellogg Library 2425

Will White
[Studio Coordinator]
Kellogg Library 2305

Chelsie Perez
[Production Assistant]
Kellogg Library 2433