Computer Training and Workshops

Due to IITS budget constraints, in-person training for the majority of the software CSUSM uses is no longer available.  In hopes of still providing the best service we can for our campus colleagues, we have put together many on-line resources that are available 24/7.  Most of the trainings previously taught by IITS are now taped (via Mediasite).  These trainings are listed below, along with many other resources for the campus. 

On-Line Computer Trainings

Vista/Windows 7 Operating System

Vista/Windows 7 Overview 
(47 minutes)  This overview can also be watched in individual portions:

Vista/Windows 7 Taskbar (9 minutes)
Vista/Windows 7 Start Menu
(9 minutes)
Vista/Windows 7 Search
(12 minutes)
Vista/Windows 7 Files and Folders
(9 minutes)
Vista/Windows 7 Desktop
(5 minutes)
Vista/Windows 7 Screen Options (9 minutes)

Microsoft Office Products

Introduction to Office 2007


Access - Creating Databases and Tables

Access - Forms
Access - Importing Lists from Excel and Other Programs
Access - Queries
Access - Reports


Excel - Charts and Graphs
Excel - Functions
Excel - Intro to Creating Spreadsheets
Excel - Printing Spreadsheets
Excel for PeopleSoft Reports


Outlook - How to Archive Emails


PowerPoint - Creating Presentations
PowerPoint - Enhancing Presentations


Microsoft Publisher


Visio - Introduction


Word - Basics and Shortcuts
Word - Desktop Publishing
Word - Mailmerge Lists and Margins
Word - Tables Tabs and Columns

If you wish to purchase books about Microsoft products, here is a listing of those IITS has found most useful: Recommended Books.

PeopleSoft (for Faculty)

ew Training Snippets coming soon

Photoshop for Cascade Users (coming soon)


GIS for Non-Geographer
s. In this introduction to GIS, Alan Risley provides an explanation of GIS, demonstration of Geography-based websites, and a demonstration of Google Earth

In-Person Computer Trainings

Other On-line Training Resources

The two main resources for finding help with your Microsoft questions are (1) Microsoft Office help and (2) Google.  Microsoft has its entire Library of documentation available to you, directly from your computer desktop.  To access this wealth of information, just open the program (such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), then click on the question mark (in the top right corner of the program).  You will be presented with a search box where you can type in your question.  You can also search the Table of Contents by clicking on the icon that looks like a little book.  Also, try what the helpdesk uses -- we oftentimes just go to on the internet and type in a question that is puzzling us.  Once you "google" the question, you usually will be presented with many answers.

The Kellogg Library also has on-line books for many software programs.  To access this information, go to the campus homepage, click on the tab for "Academics," then "Library."  From the menu items across the top, choose Research Databases.  Click on the "S" and find the Safari books.  These books are available for viewing online and are avilable on-campus and off campus.  (For off-campus access, you will have to provide your username and password.)

Additional on-line resources include:

Microsoft Office Training  Microsoft offers free self-paced training courses for its software programs
Outlook 2007 - Calendar CSU Northridge put togetrher this fantastic guide
e-Learning for CSU Employees
  A variety of trainings available to CSU employees
Adobe/Macromedia Training
  Lessons for Adobe products such as Acrobat and Photoshop
HP Learning Center HP's free lessons cover many of the Microsoft products
Jeff Levy  Jeff provides free links to lessons in easy-to-use language for Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS 10
Leo Laporte Links to free articles, FAQs, and even a glossary on his site  Lessons for about every software in existence 
Kim Kommando  You can sign up for free daily tips from Kim, plus there's a box to "Search this site" at the top of the page

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about improving this new on-line version of campus training, please email the Coordinator of User Support Services.  You are also welcome to recommend other websites you've found especially helpful. 

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