Conference Information

We have a variety of conference options.

3 Way conferencing -- can be done from your office phone and will conference up to 3 parties, (yourself and 2 others)

8-Way conferencing -- can be done from your office phone if you have a conference button.  This will conference you and up to 5 others together.

Meet-Me-Conferencing -- This can be done from any phone.  A phone number is given to all parties invited to participate in the conference.  At a designated time they dial in and are bridged together.  Our system is called Integrated Conference Manager (ICM), and it also does web conferencing.  You may request an account through Telephone Services and schedule/host your own audio/web conferences.  This conference system can bridge up to 30 calls and/or 30 web connections.

We can also set up conference calls for more than 23 parties with an outside vendor.  There will be costs incurred with these, so call and discuss your needs with a Telephone Services Staff member.

ICM Training Demo                      ICM Training Index for Training Demo 
Great Help Info is also on the ICM website.

Speaker Phone -- A speakerphone is available for use in conference rooms on campus.  Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.  Please email to reserve a phone.  This may also be reserved through University Event Scheduling.

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