• Connecting to our wireless network, on campus is much easier with Vista than it was with XP.
  • Preferred method:
    • Use WPA2 secure
      Applications (like WebCT and PeopleSoft) that need a secure (SSL) will require you to use WPA2.
  • Unsecure  click the network icon to show networks.
    A screen shot of the network pop-up menu.
  • Troubleshooting:
    • Antenna on/off switch: is it turned on?

Laptop Sync:

  • Once our IITS technicians configure your laptop, there is nothing more you need to do to synchronize your network files.
  • Things to know about synchronizing files on your laptop:
    • The only folders/files that are synchronized are:
      • Documents (folder and contents)
      • Favorites (for Internet Explorer users)
        • Firefox users can save bookmark files in H:\Favorites\FireFox folder if they want them to sync.  You will have to create the "Firefox" folder in the path, above.
          *This must be done, manually each time you wish to backup/import your bookmarks.
    • Every time your laptop connects to a campus network it syncs.
    • Every time you turn on or shutdown your laptop it syncs.

Laptops and Projectors:

Don't forget that [Fn] + F8 sends the laptop display to a networked projector.