Connect your Android Devices to Exchange Online

Below are instructions for connecting your Android devices to CSUSM’s Exchange Online.

The instructions below are for users that have been migrated from the old Exchange system (i.e. almost all of campus). Software for the Android OS can vary depending on version and phone, so these exact steps or text labels may be different for your specific device.

If you are a new employee to CSUSM or a lecturer that was migrated from SquirrelMail to Exchange Online, please skip steps 2 and 3.

  1. Go to Settings, ‘Accounts and Sync’
  2. Touch ‘Exchange ActiveSync’
  3. Touch ‘Remove account’ and touch ‘OK’
  4. Touch ‘Add account…’
  5. Touch ‘Exchange ActiveSync’
  6. Enter your full email address (e.g.
  7. Enter your current CSUSM password
  8. Touch ‘Next’
  9. In the ‘Server Name’ box, type in “” (No quotes)
  10. In the ‘Username’ box, type in your email address again (e.g.
  11. In the ‘Password’ box, type in your CSUSM password again, if needed
  12. Touch the ‘Next’ button
    1. It will show ‘Checking Account Settings’
  13. Select the ‘Push Mail’ option and touch ‘Next’
  14. Name the account (e.g. CSUSM) and touch ‘Finish Setup’
    1. It will show ‘Processing’