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Rebecca Alvarez


Rebecca Álvarez

Adjunct Professor, Social Sciences
Research Associate, IROWS
PhD, Sociology 2011
University of California, Riverside

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interdisciplinary studies, world regional geography, urban change and ethnicity, border studies

Research Interests: representation and equality in transnational social movements, women’s autonomy and population growth, world-systems theory

Selected publications:

Chase-Dunn, Christopher, Ellen Reese, Mark Herkenrath, Rebecca Giem [Álvarez], Erika Gutiérrez, Linda Kim, and Christine Petit. 2008. North-South contradictions and bridges at the World Social Forum. In Rafael Reuveny and William R. Thompson, eds. North and South in the World Political Economy. New York and Oxford: Wiley and Blackwell.

Álvarez, Rebecca, Erika Gutierrez, Linda Kim, Christine Petit, and Ellen Reese. 2008. The contours of color at the World Social Forum: reflections on racialized politics, representation, and the global justice movement. IROWS Working Paper, 36. Department of Sociology and Institute for Research on World-Systems, University of California, Riverside.