Antologíia de poesía española

Biografías y Vidas
A searchable database containing thousands of biographies and personal histories.

Cuisine - Mexico Connect Food Index

Cocina Latina

CVC. Centro Virtual Cervantes

Diego Rivera Museo Virtual

Historical - Famous Hispanics in the World and History

Historical - Historia del Teatro de Mexico

Historical - Smithsonian Latino Center
The Smithsonian Latino Center helps people understand the imprint of Latinos on our Nation's history.

Las Mujeres
Information on women writers such as Julia Alvarez, Sandra Cisneros, Laura Esquivel, and Angeles Mastretta.

Latin Culture

Literature - Autores Mexicanos

Literature - Links from LANIC 

Literature - Literatura Española - Literatura de España
Coleccion de enlaces de calidad sobre la Literatura Española.

Literature - Poesía
Antología de la poesía mexicana del siglo XX/ Índice - Indice de autores con una lista de los poemas seleccionados.

Literature - Spanish Poetry
Online collection of Spanish poetry. Site is in Spanish.

Recetas de España

Many famous Spanish paintings found here. Click on the image for a larger view and commentary on the work.

Spanish and Spain Culture
Know the Spanish Culture through its music, writers, cities, food, la siesta, flamenco.

Spain Culture: Festivals in Spain

Spanish Song Lyrics Collection

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Currency Converter
Offers interactive foreign exchange rate conversion with up-to-date exchange rates.

Currency: Oanda
Calculates current exchange rate for currencies worldwide.

Time Zone Converter
Convert time zones anywhere in the world with the most up-to-date time zone database.

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Diccionarios de español, sinónimos, antónimos, inglés .

Diccionarios en español diccionarios ingles

English to French, Italian & Spanish Dictionary

Glossary of the Foods of Spain

Glossaries by Language

Political glossary: Glosario político

Online dictionaries in many languages

Real Academia Española

Transitional Words to Aid in Composition

Transition Words

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Accents - Póngame Acentos

Accents - Rules of Accentuation in Spanish

Business Spanish

Conjugation Trainer > Present Tense - Spanish
The Conjugation Trainer is to practice the different forms of the most important basic and irregular Spanish verbs.

Conjugation of Irregular Verbs
Use this chart to find the conjugation of almost any Spanish verb.

Direct Commands in Spanish

General - Aula Diez
Learn Spanish with interactive Spanish exercises.

General - Jessica Rojo's Spanish Grammar Review/SUNY Oneonta

General - Learn Spanish: Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

General - Spanish Grammar Exercices from Trinity University

General - Spanish Grammar

General - Spanish Grammar Guide
An extensive grammar guide created by Robert Tchaidze.

General - Spanish Grammar Guide

General - Spanish Grammar Help | Univ. of Texas 

General - Spanish Language Guide

General - Spanish Proficiency Exercises
The site incorporates proficiency topics, divided by level of dificulty: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior.

General - The LangMedia Spanish Collection

General - Yepes' Spanish Practice

Grammar Glossary

Gramática y Ortografía

Gramática Site

Indefinite Pronouns

iLrn: Heinle Learning Center

Personal Pronouns in Spanish

Parts of Speech in the Spanish Language

Plazas: Lugar de encuentros, 3rd Edition

Preterite Usage for Repeated Events in the Past

Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases

Por and Para - Prepositions Para and Por

Por and Para - Taking the Confusion Out of Por and Para

Progressive Verb Forms

Pronunciation - Spanish Pronunciation

Saying 'Maybe' in Spanish ¿ Spanish Expressions of Possibility

Ser or Estar, That Is the Question

The Subjunctive: A Quiz - Spanish Language

Subjunctive in Spanish: A Brief Review

Subjunctive Tenses in Spanish

Spanish Verb Forms

Ser and Estar

Speak 7 Spanish

Spanish Language and Culture

Verbs - Master List of Regular '-ir' Verbs

Verbs - Master List of Regular '-er' Verbs 

Verbs w/Spanish Daddy

Verbs - Spanish Verbs

Verb Tables, Irregular Verbs

Verb Use/Business Spanish

Spanish Word Order

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300 Proverbios y Refranes / Proverbs and Sayings

Idiom Generator 

Idioms Using Haber

Living Language

Numerous idioms use the verb 'tener'

Spanish Idioms, Phrases and Word Combinations

Spanish Idioms

Spanish Idiomatic Expressions Using Vez

Spanish Idioms

Tener - To Have

Spanish tongue twisters

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ABYZ News Links

Antena 3 television

Network TV from around the world in a variety of languages. 138 stations available.

CANAL Internet, TV, Video

CNN en Español

Directorio mundial de periódicos en español

El País
On-line version of the Spanish newspaper from Madrid.

Flying Inkpot's World News Links
Major International Newspapers

Galavision U.S.A.

Internet radio in Spanish

La Opinión
Los Angeles based newspaper.

La Reforma

Mike's Radio World
Listen live to over 2000 radio stations on your PC!

News in Slow Spanish
News in Slow Spanish is a podcast for those who already possess a basic vocabulary and some knowledge of Spanish grammar.

Online newspapers
This site contains an extensive list of newspapers from all over the world. 

Radio Bilingüe
Non-profit radio network featuring Spanish-language news and other programming for public radio.

Radio Nacional de España

Prensa Española

Prensa latinoamericana

Spanish Internet Radio - Listen to Spanish online radio news
Spanish Internet Radio: Spain - Mexico - Latin and South America

Universidad de Mexico: UNAM

World Radio Network

wwiTV: World Wide Internet Television
A huge compilation of web broadcasted video and audio from around the world.

YouTube - Mafalda

Zona Latina
Latin American Radio Links

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Cómo citar recursos electrónicos / A. Estivill y C. Urbano

Estilo de Documentación MLA
Para localizar información bibliográfica necesitada para citar el trabajo.

International Search Engines

International Search Engines and Foreign Search Engines

McClennen's: Useful Information for Students Writing in Spanish
Tricky Words and Other Common Errors

Search Engine Colossus
International collection of Internet Search Engine organized by country.

Search Engines of Mexico

Search Engines of Spain

Zona Latina

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A popular site for vocab, grammar, pronuncation, verbs and more

Citations: Estilo de Documentación MLA
Cómo Citar Nuestras Páginas. Normas de MLA - información adicional en español acerca de cómo citar fuentes electrónicas

Citations: Taller de MLA

Citations: MLA Guidelines

How To Study:Resources & Ideas
Tons of ideas and tips!

Learning Styles & Study Suggestions
This Study Resources Directory has topics on critical thinking skills, learning styles, managing time, motivation, self-discipline, study skills, classroom strategies, and writing.

Study Guides and Strategies
This website has several resources for preparing, learning, studying, classroom participation, tests, and time management

Time Management Assistance
This site helps you develop a schedule, plan ahead, and set priorities.

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Basic Spanish Vocabulary - QUIA 

Business Spanish Tutorials

English-Spanish Vocabulary Quizzes

Fully Conjugated Spanish Verbs
Learn Spanish Verbs with over 600 verbs fully conjugated,

Master Those Irregular Verbs
Great help for learning those irregular spanish verbs.

Political Terms 

Refranes Españoles
Con su significado

Names for Occupations



Verbs - Learn Spanish Vocabulary
Provides links with tutorials to learn expressions, adjectives, verb conjugation, and useful words of the Spanish language.

Verbs - List of the 100 Most Used Verbs in Spanish

Verbs That Mean 'to take'

Vocabulario / palabras agrupadas por tema/excelente


Vocabulary trainer

Vocabulario Temático
(Español - Inglés)

Translating Words Ending in '-ing'

Useful Phrases for Air Travelers 

Useful Travel Phrases

Useful Travel Helper

Using the verb 'llamar'

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