General Contact Information

Advising: Hilary Taylor, LLC Director & LOTER Advisor
Kellogg Library 1107,, 760-750-4197
Proficiency Exam:

Peter Vu, Proficiency Exam Student Coordinator
Kellogg Library 1107,, 760-750-8191

Finals Week Schedule: Mon 8-4; Tue 8-4; Wed 8-3
After 5/14, please contact Hilary Taylor at

Front Desk:,(760) 750-8058
Fax: (760) 750-3313
Physical Location: Kellogg Library 1107 (new for Spring 2013!)
Maililng Address: Language Learning Center
California State University San Marcos
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

I have a specific question! Whom should I contact?

Advising for LOTER (Language Other Than English Requirement): First surf this website. That might answer your questions! If you have more questions, contact Hilary Comerchero above.

Scheduling Your Proficiency Exam (to meet the LOTER): First check out our Proficiency Exam page for more information. When you're ready to schedule an exam, contact the Language Assessment Coordinator above.

Making a Long-Term Academic Plan: Contact your advisor. Links to the advising departments for each college are in the college website above.

Language Learning Center Hours & Resources: Go to the LLC website.

Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services (CLASS): Go to the CLASS website for information about the Writing Center, Math Lab, and ELM/EPT Requirements.

Not sure? Call (760) 750-8058 or email or come by Kellogg 1107 (new location for Spring 2013).