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Admissions Information for State-Support Nursing Programs

Our Self-Support Nursing Programs administered through Extended Learning have different Admission instructions. This refers to the Accelerated BSN, RN to BSN, RN to MSN, and MSN programs.  

Traditional BSN and LVN to BSN Programs:

  1. Students must apply for admission to the University, if not already an admitted, matriculated, and current student here.  If you are also having to apply for admission to the University, you will need to send separate, official Transcripts to both the School of Nursing and to the University Admissions & Recruitment Office, according to the respective submittal deadlines.
  2. Students interested in the Traditional BSN and/or LVN to BSN Programs must apply separately to the School of Nursing to enter a specific Nursing program.  Please refer to the specific program admission requirements to determine if you are ready to apply to a specific Nursing Program.  Send official Transcripts to the School of Nursing according to the deadlines published in the online Nursing Application Instructions.

Admission to the University as (select one):

First Year Students

Upper Division Transfer Students

Students With a Bachelor's Degree in Another Discipline

International and Permanent Residency Visa Students

Students with College Coursework completed outside of United States