Mail / Drop Off / Contact Instructions

Where to mail or drop off the required written materials?

If you want verification of our receipt of any submitted materials, you must use certified mail, via U.S Postal Service, with Return Receipt Requested. The Return Receipt cards will be signed by the Mail Center at the University. Please be aware that we will not reply to any calls or emails asking if we received your packet, materials, or transcripts.  Our front-desk staff will not verify receipt of materials which are dropped off at the School of Nursing.

Mailing Address
School of Nursing
CSU San Marcos
333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd.
San Marcos, CA  92096-0001

Drop Off Location
School of Nursing
CSU San Marcos
Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH) Bldg., Suite 201
120 Craven Dr.
San Marcos
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School of Nursing contact information for questions about the application, changes to the information you originally submitted in your application, etc.

If you still have a question, after reading through all of the application instructions, please send an email to:

Be sure to include your full name in any email communications.  We only communicate via email with applicants, throughout the application review process.

If you should change your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, schools attending, or coursework, please contact us by email, via the address above, with the new information.