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CSU San Marcos:WASC Interim Report (Fall 2012)


Introduction & Directions

WASC Interim Report

Interim Reports must be submitted via LiveText 

When taking accreditation action under the WASC Handbook of Accreditation, the Commission may request additional reports focused on identified issues of concern. In such cases, the institution is asked to prepare an Interim Report following the format prescribed here.

The WASC Interim Report Committee reviews the report and responds to the institution with one of three outcomes:

1) receipt of the report with recommendations;

2) deferral of action pending receipt of follow-up information; or

3) receipt of the report with a recommendation that the Commission send a site visit team to follow-up on specified issues.

Interim Reports are intended to be limited in scope, not comprehensive evaluations of the institution. The report should help the Interim Report Committee understand the progress made by the institution in addressing the issues identified by the Commission and the major recommendations of the last visiting team. The report is to be submitted to the WASC office via LiveText by the date specified in the Commission action letter that triggered the Interim Report.

If the Interim Report addresses financial issues, there are special reporting requirements in addition to those required for other concerns. These additional reporting requirements are noted in this document in Section VIII.


This template outlines the mandatory sections of the WASC Interim Report.

  • Please respond to each element.

  • As you move through the template adding information, take care not to delete the original questions.
  • The narrative for each question must be included directly in LiveText. Attachments are only for supporting documents.

  • Use the following naming convention for your document: [YEAR]: [INSTITUTION NAME], Interim Report
    Example: 2010: Sunshine University, Interim Report

  • When complete, choose 'Submit for Review' and 'Submit' the report to  'WASCIRC'.

  • Please notify your WASC staff liaison and Jamie Wilkins,, once the report is complete and has been submitted.

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