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CSU San Marcos:WASC Interim Report (Fall 2012)


III. Statement on Report Preparation

Statement on Report Preparation

Instructions: Briefly describe in narrative form the process of report preparation, providing the names and titles of those involved. Because of the focused nature of an Interim Report, the widespread and comprehensive involvement of all institutional constituencies is not normally required. Faculty, administrative staff, and others should be involved as appropriate to the topics being addressed in the preparation of the report. Campus constituencies, such as faculty leadership and, where appropriate, the governing board, should review the report before it is submitted to WASC, and such reviews should be indicated in this statement.


Faculty and administrative staff were involved in the preparation and review of the Interim Report. Graham Oberem, Associate Vice President of Planning and Academic Resources and WASC ALO, and Jennifer Jeffries, School of Education Faculty and former ALO, prepared a draft of the report. Information for the draft was obtained in meetings with those directly involved with addressing the issues identified by the Commission and by reviewing annual reports of the Graduation Initiative and First Year Council, specific website links, and data provided by Institutional Planning and Analysis.



Sections of the report were provided to appropriate faculty leaders and administrative staff for review and feedback. They were:

David Barsky              Associate Vice President, Academic Programs

Staci Beavers             Faculty Chair, Academic Senate Budget and Long Range Planning Committee

Bridget Blanshan        Dean of Students & Associate Vice President for Student Development Services

Andres Favela            Director, Undergraduate Advising Services

Sharon Hamill             Faculty, Director of Academic Assessment   

Jeffrey Marks              Deputy Director, Institutional Planning and Analysis

Lorena Meza               Associate Vice President, Student Academic Support Services

Pat Morris                   Research Analyst, Institutional Planning and Analysis

Joann Pederson         Faculty, Associate Director First Year Programs

Dilcie Perez                Director, Student Life and Leadership

Linda Shaw                Faculty Chair, Academic Senate Program and Assessment Committee

Eloise Stiglitz              Vice President for Student Affairs


The report was reviewed in its entirety by:

Karen Haynes          President   

Emily Cutrer             Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs

Jackie Trischman     President, Academic Senate

The final report will be shared with the President’s Executive Council for review and posted on the campus website.