The Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma

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Those interested in Project Leda, our local balloon project, can visit the Project Lida website or the Project Lida forum.

We are proud to have chapters of the Society of Physics Students and the Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society. SPS participates in hands-on activities to apply the physics concepts learned in class to real-life applications. We also host community building events and volunteer for a number of outreach activities.


Sigma Pi Sigma 2014

Sigma Pi Sigma Inductees, 2014

SPS 2013

SPS watches Star Trek: Into Darkness, 2013


SPS Chapter, 2012

Sigma Pi Sigma 2012

Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter, 2012

Rocket Cars    Hanging Out

Rocket Car Racing!

Sigma Pi Sigma Induction

Sigma Pi Sigma Induction, 2010