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FAS Focus Groups 2008

The Values Survey was established as a tool to measure the extent to which the division values are being practiced, and how those values are affecting the employees and their work environment.

The results from the 2005/06 Values Survey shows that employees in the one-to-five year category are less satisfied than the other groups who participated. Based on the Values Survey data, the Balanced Scorecard Planning Council decided to make this an “opportunity for improvement”; the ultimate goal: to improve the Values Survey results for the one-to-five year employees.

In order to find out the reasoning behind the results, the Core Team conducted several focus groups involving employees in the four different categories: employed less than a year, one-to-five years, five-to-ten years, and over ten years. From the feedback received in these focus groups, the Core Team was able to formulate recommendations with the hope of improving employee satisfaction levels.

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