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Values Survey Initiatives 2006-2008

The 2006/07 Values Survey Results show that there were improvements among the 1-5 year category, the category that in previous years was the most dissatisfied. Additionally, it was evident that there are still opportunities for improvement overall. Based off of the results, there are two questions that fell below target: switching easily to problem-solving mode without blaming and receiving timely feedback from your immediate supervisor.

After the 2005/06 Values Survey, focus groups were pulled together to find out how to make things better. This year, those same focus groups were brought together again. The feedback received from the focus groups was compiled and brought to the Balanced Scorecard Planning Council (BSCPC) for their review. Based on the feedback, the BSCPC developed the following initiatives:


Because these initiatives were developed in May of 2008, they are still applicable to the 2007/08 Values Survey Results and will remain the 2007/08 initiatives for improvement.

  • Strategic Compensation Philosophy and Practice 
    • Executive Council met to discuss the development of a compensation/ classification philosophy and a centralized pool. At this time, this item is on hold due to lack of funding.  Managers are encouraged to ensure positions in their areas are accurately classified. 
  • Improving Communication
    • FAS E-News, Division-wide policy email updates, Communication Matrix
  • Performance Development Plans and Timely Performance Evaluations  
    • 100% of evaluations completed on time 
  • AVP Visibility within their departments
    •  VP Hawk will continue working with Leadership Council on tactics to reinforce AVP Visibility. The VP will continue to be accessible through Coffee Hours and walk-arounds. 
  • Continue working on Accountability and Gossip
    • "If You Can't Say Something Nice, What Do You Say" a constructive conversation and conflict resolution workshop for managers and staff was held last May. A refresher course will be held April 2009 - if you are interested in attending, please contact Jennifer Williams.
  • Continue working on Flexible Work Schedules
    • VP Hawk has decided for FAS the decision of flexible work schedules will be left to the discretion of the MPP, based upon their department needs in consultation with AVP's and HREO.
  • Creating a lunch room
    • Executive Council considered the concept and given the overall campus space needs and priorities, they have decided not to move forward with the plan at this time.
  • Human Resources