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Clarke Field House Events

With the opening of the Clarke, much needed space to hold events on campus has become available to Cal State San Marcos students, campus community, and the surrounding community.  Whether you need to house a small student organization meeting, a large banquet, or a conference The Clarke could be just the place.  Please see Reserving Space to see how to book space. 

Event Related Rates

Facility Capacities and Setups

Clarke Field House Priority Scheduling Dates

Spring 2014 Events

Student Priority Scheduling for Student Events - October 7th - 27th, 2013
General Scheduling for all events - October 28th, 2013

During the priority scheduling period, student organizations will be allowed to schedule a maximum of two (2) scheduled priority events per semester and one (1) monthly reoccurring meeting. Additional requests may be submitted after the priority scheduling period has ended, with the exception of the Grand Salon. As the largest programmable (turn-key) space in the building, the scheduling entity may only request one additional reoccurring monthly meeting to take place in the Grand Salon per semester. 

If a conflict in scheduling requests arises, scheduling preferences will be based on the following:

  • Date request was submitted
  • Number of students affected
  • Comparison of facilities requested with those available elsewhere
  • Previous record of compliance/non-compliance to the CFH Scheduling Policy by the  group/individual requesting the reservation

No organization may reserve, transfer, sublease or sell facility reservations on behalf of another organization. Any and all changes in space assignments will be done via the Clarke Events Office.

At the discretion of the CFH Events Office, reservations may be accepted up to one year in advance for official University Functions and those events that require significant pre-planning.   

Events Staff: 

Clarke Events Office, Phone 760-750-7407, Email

Please note: The Clarke Field House is a different entity from Events and Conference Services and manages scheduling and coordinating space at the CFH only.