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Tiny Tournaments

Activity Activity Date Sign-Up Dates Location Time Cost
Karaoke Night Aug 28th Aug 25th - Aug 28th USU Game Room 6-8pm FREE
Bingo Sept 4th Aug 25th - Sept 4th CFH 110 6-8pm FREE
Board Game Social Sept 18th Sept 2nd - Sept 18th CFH 110 6-8pm FREE
Giant Twister Sept 25th Sept 2nd - Sept 25th CFH 113 6-8pm FREE
Bingo Oct 2nd Sept 15th - Oct 2nd QUAD Classroom 6-8pm FREE
Dodgeball - UVA vs. QUAD Oct 16th Sept 29th - Oct 15th CFH 130 6-8pm FREE
Zombie Run Nov 1st Sept 15th - Oct 31st Mangrum Field 4pm $5.00
Bingo Nov 6th Oct 20th - Nov 6th UVA Classroom 6-8pm FREE
Bowling Nov 14th Oct 27th - Nov 12th AMF Bowling 11-1pm TBD

Register for Tiny Tournaments at the front desk of the Clarke Field House or anywhere Campus REC is tabling!

Tiny Tournaments are a great way to fit fun into a busy schedule. All events are one day tournaments, and most have fantastic prizes given away at the event. Sign-Up and bring your friends!