Safety Tips for Survivors

If you are in an abusive relationship, or have recently left your partner, your safety on and off campus may be a concern. Although it may be hard to talk to others about your situation, disclosing to a few trusted individuals can be an important step in staying safe.

At work

Talk to your immediate supervisor about your situation. Employers have both a legal obligation and a social responsibility to prevent and respond to violence against their employees. It is illegal to fire or discipline you for being a victim of a crime (domestic violence). It is important to talk to your supervisor so s/he and your co-workers can be prepared if your (ex) partner does show up at your workplace.

At school

If you are a student at CSUSM, you may wish to speak with the Dean of Students office and the University Police. The Dean of Students office can assist you in speaking with professors and making any additional arrangements for your safety. The Unviersity Police offers an escort service that you may wish to use for walking to your car or in-between classes. An advocate from the Gender Equity Center can accompany you to these meetings to provide you with information, support, and advocacy.

Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court order issued to prevent acts of abuse. It
can include the following: restraints on personal conduct by the batterer; orders for the batterer to stay away from the your home/work and/or children's school; orders for the batterer to be removed from the residence; child custody and visitation and support orders and other miscellaneous orders. Learn more about getting a restraining order at the San Diego County Superior Court website.

Download a Safety Plan