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List of Waivers

Fees may be deferred if a student has Federal or State authorized tuition assistance. To be eligible for a deferment of fees, the authorization form must be received at Student Financial Services location in Cougar Central (Craven 3800) by the published payment deadline to avoid cancellation of you reserved classes.

Students whose authorizations are not on file by the payment deadlines are required to pay their fees.

  • Employee and Dependent Fee Waiver
  • Military Tuition Assistance
  • Department of Rehabiliation
  • Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Veterans Affairs Fee Waiver
  • Faculty Dependent Fee Waiver
  • U.S. Department of Labor

The types of assistance listed above may be subject to change without notice. For further information, call the Office of Student Financial Services.


Fee Waiver Contact:

Patty Hanks
Phone: (760) 750-4556
Fax: (760) 750-3158

Student Accounts Receivable Contact: 

Judy Sandmann
Phone: (760) 750-4495
Fax: (760) 750-3158