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Previous Summits

What some participants thought about the experience...

"I gained a new community working toward a common goal of justice. The summit reconfirmed my focus that heart, dedication, education and our action together will make a difference."

"I learned a lot, but mainly I gained courage, confidence to speak what I feel."

"I learned that others share in similar emotions and experiences. While everyone may have a unique experience, together we can support one another to make/create change."

"I learned how important it is to be my own individual and to embrace who I am."

"I met amazing people with big hearts and a lot of love, and I also learned how to love others more than I thought I needed to and I'm so thankful for that."

"I had many moments that have changed the way i see myself, the way i see the world, and the way I see my part in the movement of social justice."

"The major thing i learned is that I'm not alone out there when it comes to my experiences and values, that I must be humble and have patience. We are made to love one another. Without this we have nothing."

"The most poignant lesson was that everyone can be an ally in someway to somebody else. That is very powerful information."

Past Summit Themes

2009 - Inspiring Positive Change
2010 - I Am Tomorrow
2011 - PO(WE)R
2012 (Spring) - Reclaim Your Mind
2012 (Fall) - Choose Justice
2013 - Rooted in Justice