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Residential Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities (RLC's) offer traditional first year students a comprehensive living/learning experience in the University Village Apartments (UVA) and The QUAD. Students in RLC's live and take courses with their fellow students in addition to having access to specialized co-curricular programs and opportunities. We are happy to offer two RLC's for the 2015-2016 academic year: San Marcos Experience (SME) and Health and Wellness Experience (HWE).

There are countless benefits associated with involvement in one of our RLC's:

  • Registration in 2-3 courses (6 or 9 units) during the first semester. The courses that students are enrolled in fulfill lower division general education requirements.
  • Attend a specialized 2-day Orientation program just for students (and their families) in our RLC's. 
  • Early move-in to the University Village Apartments/The QUAD. Move-in before your fellow students arrive and take part in welcome programs planned specifically for RLC students and families.
  • Co-curricular programming and opportunities planned throughout the academic year.
  • Gain leadership experience and a chance to become an engaged member of the CSUSM community.
  • Create long lasting relationships with fellow RLC students and your RLC faculty (professors teaching the courses students take together).
  • Join a long line of RLC alumni!

Apply for HWE or SME!